Sunday, March 17, 2013

My Aneurysm Pictures

Please Note the pictures may be considered graphic
I started off by looking to see what i could get accomplished, and found out that it helps me to express myself and get certain things off of my chest. It has been a great opportunity to grow, develop and increase my vocabulary and thought process. So let's get started

Well I guess we will start from the beginning... so here we go... It all started with a killer headache; slowly my vision was all sorts of scattered almost like I was looking through a kaleidoscope. I wasn't able to see any one's faces, it was a little scary. Lizzy drove me to the hospital that was only about 5 or so minutes from our house. I luckily threw up on the way to the hospital which Kevin cleaned off of my car. So anyway Lizzy helped me into the hospital there were a couple of EMT's near the door who helped me. The people in the hospital did a few tests and confirmed that I was having an aneurysm. Oh Yay!

They flew me over the U of U hospital to prep me for surgery. They needed a couple of surgeries to cutoff the blood supply to the Arterial Venous Malfunction. They prepped me by placing a brain stint and an overflow valve to help me in dealing with the pressure so that I didn't have overpressure in my head.


 I don't really remember too much, other than my wife telling me that they would be doing about 4 or 5 surgeries throughout the next couple of weeks that should be helping me with the pressure in my brain and getting rid of a golf ball size AVM growth of blood vessels.


 I remember being poked and prodded every couple of hours. It was so annoying not being able to sleep, and them taking blood to run tests... I felt terrible and was ready to go home. All I wanted to do was go home and let my body repair itself, but they said I had to stay in the hospital. I was very frustrated, But Lizzy assures me that I was very polite, and ready to talk to anyone. Even though I was covered in bruises.


It was a little rough sticking around the hospital. I could have slept for a few days straight, and I pretty much did once they let me go home.

Here are a few pictures of one of my surgeries. You can see them filling the AVM with glue, and then removing the AVM completely.


Here are a few more pictures going from how I currently look like to what I was like before the surgeries.



And here a few more pictures of the effects from the last surgery. You can see the staples that they used to keep my head together and the glue that was left in my brain.



Here is a 3D regeneration of the AVM. If you look in the middle of the video you can see the Aneurysm where it is. Luckily it had a smaller Bulge on it that had ruptured, rather than the whole Vein. and a few videos of the AVM before they had removed it as well.



I hope that you have enjoyed viewing my pictures. It has been a rough time since the last surgery. I have been dealing with issues from it as well.